The Iraqi Dinar and the Global Economic Reset

Iraqi Dinar Past and Present – Global Economic Reset

The Iraqi Dinar has been in the news for sometime.  On many blog sites such as there has been discussion of a Global Currency Reset event, also known as a Global Economic Reset event, due to take place at any time.  In fact, many people have suggested that it has already happened.  Well, for one, there has been no independent investigation done to determine the accuracy of this.  If, in fact, the reset had occurred, we would have heard an announcement from President Obama at the very least.  Many people have purchased Iraqi Dinar in the hopes that this will offer significant rates of return, this too, has it’s flaws.

After the first gulf war, the dinar went from being somewhere in the area of $3 per dinar to where it is today where one U.S. Dollar ($1) will buy you over 1,000 Iraqi Dinars.  This is a clear sign of hyperinflation of the currency, but many people still, in 2014, believe that there is a chance that the Iraqi Dinar will revalue to a rate around the $3 per dinar which it was when Saddam Hussein was still in power.  Time will tell.

Preparing For the Reset

The best way to prepare for the reset would be to purchase physical gold and silver.  It should be noted that the silver to gold ratio is currently around 60 ounces of silver to 1 ounce of gold.  Historically, this ratio was around 16 to 1, and in reality, it should be near 10 to 1 because that is currently what is being pulled up from the ground.  Some people are adament about purchasing Iraqi Dinars to hedge against inflation, even though clearly, Iraqi is, and has been, in a hyperinflation since about 2003.  There is a guide on how to buy Iraqi dinar here: however, I must advise everyone to really do research before you run out an buy dinars, wait and see what happens to gold and silver.

President Obama Reset Announcement

There was a video published of President Obama giving the announcement that a global currency reset had taken place, and that he had spoken to the IMF.  Of course, this video was just a carefully done voice actor and was not the real President of the United States, however, it has been seen by over 29,000 people, so obviously, people are waiting for the announcement.   Make sure you don’t rush out and buy dinars before you understand them, Wikipedia has a great article about the Iraqi dinar here: so please check it out.